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The Lotus Institute – Coolangatta

The Lotus Institute – Coolangatta aims to be the Centre of Excellence for Skin Health on the Gold Coast and is committed to providing the results you desire.

Dr John Stretch and his team will discuss your concerns and advise you on the best course of treatment. Our services include Skin Rejuvenation techniques and Cosmetic Tattoo. Skin Rejuvenation techniques include PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections, PDT (Photodynamic Therapy), Dermapen Advanced Skin Needling and Cosmetic Injectables.

In addition, the skin Cancer Centre located in the adjoining medical centre, offers skin cancer checks and treatment.


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With a course of rejuvenation treatments, your skin will not only feel refreshed and have a younger appearance but it will maintain its natural look. You will look and feel refreshed and, best of all, no-one will know your beauty secret, unless you want them to! Softening facial lines and improving the look and feel of your skin can now be achieved with little or no downtime. In fact ‘turning the clock back’ a few years using the most recent advances in non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques has never been more readily available and affordable.

Make an appointment with one our highly experienced team at The Lotus Institute – Coolangatta to discuss your goals and find out how easy it can be to look and feel years younger!

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